Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two corrections

Daniel reminded me that we did cover the garlic over the winter.

Also realized that the garlic will probably last longer than a month. We only use a few cloves a day and so those 33 bulbs plus a few that are still in the ground will last a lot longer than a month.


  1. Have you all had problems with garlic drying out and becoming useless? It seems the garlic I buy in the store only lasts a couple weeks and is then no longer good. Of course, no telling how long it has been out of the ground before it shows up in the store. With yours being so fresh, I assume it will last much longer.

  2. That's a good question. I've noticed store bought garlic will sometimes start to sprout again within a matter of days or weeks while our garlic will last months hanging on the wall. I think there may be something to your idea that sometimes garlic at the store is older than we realize. Once we get down to the last bulbs some will begin to show brown spots. But all in all I think our garden garlic has a pretty long shelf-life. If it were stored in a cooler and darker place I think it would last even longer. But it's so pretty and accessible right there on the cabinet wall. I'll try and keep closer tabs on just how long it stays viable.

  3. Hi Jennifer! I enjoyed meeting and chatting with you today at Murraywood pool. Your blog is great! I don't know much at all about gardening, much less organic gardening. So, I look forward to learning lots about it from your family. Thanks for sharing your blog with me! Hope to see you again sometime. Happy Summer! Laurie Epting from sceneofthegrime.blogspot.com